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ClaProtect (developer license)
Ensure that your exe/dll is really protected! Don’t worry – only legal users can run your apps! No keygen / crack / patch / debug / disassemble possible! Easy to use. One Global Extension and some #codes. You need a minute to learn and you keep a lot of money. This template allows you to use all features of ASprotect – a popular and powerful program protection system. ASprotect allows you to encrypt important code, make keys limited to user, date, hardware (machine id), function. ASprotect makes anti-debugger/CRC protection and pack executables. It uses 512/768/1024bit RSA keys, and without the legal key your application will have no or limited functionality. For example, by using ClaProtect ASprotect, you can make a key for user “Alex” on 7th computer for a 5 day period(until December 12) to calculate statistics for “Sales” table. If the customer pays you, you can send a key unlimited for date, but with some other limits. This is for legal ASprotect users. Buy it from directly Compartibility: CW55/CW6x, ABC Clarion Developer license is hardware locked (up to 3 keys per year - for possible upgrades and notebook).

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Version: 1.3   last updated: 7/27/2005
Price: $ 59
This is a Bundle: No